Apple just made client approval more shaky

While the rest of the world supposedly sleeps better, colorist will sleep less.

Apple introduced two new features yesterday, Night Shift and True Tone. These functions will alter the screen color temperature depending on the time of day or the surrounding color temperature. The idea seems good, but I am just waiting for the first call where my client tells me that the preview file I sent looks very warm and yellow.

I took a few images from my showreel with and without Night Shift. Since you can’t screengrab nightshift I had to take photos, so the colors are not correct, but you still see the difference.

Here is a black and white image.


With Night Shift on it looks sepia, so I wonder how a sepia picture looks.


Then with a color image.


I guess the client didn’t want it this warm.


Please Apple add an option where videos always will have the correct color temperature.

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