version 1.0

CommentSlip is a small utility to slip markers in an DaVinci Resolve compatible EDL.

Example:You send a file to FrameIO and the client adds comments to the clip. When you download the comments in an Resolve EDL they are based on a 00:00:00:00 start time. But what if your timeline starts at 09:59:53:00, then the markers won’t be in the correct spot when you import to Resolve.

CommentSlip will let you set your timeline startTC and slip all comments to the correct timecode.


  • Load the EDL you want to adjust
  • Set the timecode in the 00:00:00:00 format
  • Select the correct frame rate
  • Save the EDL

The EDL will be saved next to the loaded EDL with the name extended with “__TLstart_(timecode)”.

CommentSlip is freeware. Please donate if you like it.