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Monitoring 5.1 in Resolve, the easy way.

Since Fairlight was introduced it has been a bit of a problem to setup a timeline to just monitor a 5.1 mix. I have seen many different ways to do it, and here is one more ๐Ÿ™‚ Import the 6

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Resolve Collect 3 released

BlackMagic Design will soon release DaVinci Resolve 12 and since the first beta I have been working on implementing the new DRP format into Resolve Collect. Resolve Collect 3.0 will be a payed update and only available from MyCommerce. The

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12 wishes for DaVinci Resolve 12

NAB is a few month away and if Blackmagic Design keeps the same schedule as the previous 2 years we might get a glimpse of DaVinci Resolve 12. I am happy with the tools and workflow in DaVinci Resolve 11,

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DaVinci Resolve – Speed up that sluggish Timeline

When working in the EDIT part of DaVinci Resolve I can find it hard to zoom in and out of the timeline. You drag the lever to zoom in and nothing happens, then the timeline jumps and you have zoomed

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Animate Stills in DaVinci Resolve

When working with stills in DaVinci Resolve some things are not as working with video-clips. Say you have a still of a map and you want to do a zoom in on a particular part of it. You add the

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Compositing in Davinci Resolve – Sky Replacement

Sometimes you have a nice image, but with a sky that just isnโ€™t right for the story. So how do you replace the sky with another without leaving Resolve? In this tutorial I will show you a simple way to

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Adding realtime grain in DaVinci Resolve 10

When Resolve 10 was announced I was very happy because of the fact that there would be support for OFX plugins. One of the things I often get asked during the grade is if I can add grain. Until now

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Collect source files with Resolve Collect

In my work I often need to collect files from different sources or from slow sources to a fast RAID on my DaVinci Resolve machine before I start color grading. Another reason to collect my sources is when I am

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Layer Mixer instead of Parallel node

When using Davinci Resolve most of the time you use Serial nodes and in some instances you use Parallel nodes. In some cases Parallel doesn’t do the job, instead you can use Layer Mixer. If you want to have a

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