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Fandev Grader and Suppressor now available as freeware

In the early 2000 I was part of Fandev (the maker of CuteDCP) and we created 2 color correction plugins for Adobe After Effects. Christer from Fandev has maintained these plugins during the years but decided to declare them End

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DejaEdit – a new way of editing together!

Today financing for features and TV-series creates workflow problems. Money from different countries also means work has to be shared between these countries. For example Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE was working with such a project. More about that below. Many productions

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Monitoring 5.1 in Resolve, the easy way.

Since Fairlight was introduced it has been a bit of a problem to setup a timeline to just monitor a 5.1 mix. I have seen many different ways to do it, and here is one more 🙂 Import the 6

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iMac Pro – first week

About 8 month ago I started investigating to jump ship from Mac to PC for my grading machine. I have been using an iMac 3.5GHz i7 with GTX 780M from 2013. After many investigations I found it a difficult choice

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Creating an EDL from an XML

A few weeks ago I was on Bali for the ICA Colorist Summit. We where looking at different ways to get footage into DaVinci Resolve, one of them being “Pre-conformed EDL”. Which is a way to split a “baked” clip

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Apple just made client approval more shaky

While the rest of the world supposedly sleeps better, colorist will sleep less. Apple introduced two new features yesterday, Night Shift and True Tone. These functions will alter the screen color temperature depending on the time of day or the

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Resolve Collect 3 released

BlackMagic Design will soon release DaVinci Resolve 12 and since the first beta I have been working on implementing the new DRP format into Resolve Collect. Resolve Collect 3.0 will be a payed update and only available from MyCommerce. The

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Would you pay for Resolve Collect 3?

DaVinci Resolve 12 is around the corner and it has a new Media Management tool. On the BlackMagic Design homepage it says: “DaVinci Resolve has the tools you need to backup, copy, move and transcode and consolidate massive pools of

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12 wishes for DaVinci Resolve 12

NAB is a few month away and if Blackmagic Design keeps the same schedule as the previous 2 years we might get a glimpse of DaVinci Resolve 12. I am happy with the tools and workflow in DaVinci Resolve 11,

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DaVinci Resolve – Speed up that sluggish Timeline

When working in the EDIT part of DaVinci Resolve I can find it hard to zoom in and out of the timeline. You drag the lever to zoom in and nothing happens, then the timeline jumps and you have zoomed

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