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Resolve Collect copies source files used in a DaVinci Resolve project (Media Pool or Timeline) to a single destination using a DaVinci Resolve Project (.drp, .drb, .drt) file from V9, V10, V11, V12, V12.5, V14, V15, V16 and V17 or Resolve Collect Project file from V18 and V18,5. Or you can load an XML exported from for example Adobe Premiere.

When you work with large DaVinci Resolve projects with sources on a lot of different drives you might want to collect them to one destination. Resolve Collect will copy just the files you need, either before you start grading to get them on a fast RAID or after you are done to Backup the project.

version 4.1

new in 4.1

  • support for Final Cut XML ( from Premiere )
  • better support for special characters in filenames


  • load DRP (DaVinci Resolve Project), from V15, V16, V17
  • load RCP (Resolve Collect Project), from V18 and V18.5
  • choose Media Pool, Master Session or any Timeline in the project you want to collect
  • General and Timeline Preferences
  • supports movie files (Quicktime, AVI, MP4 etc.)
  • supports image sequences (DPX, TIFF,  Image DNG etc.)
  • supports spanned R3D files
  • supports Subclips
  • for image sequences in a timeline only the frames used will be copied (saves lots of space)
  • calculates size needed on the Destination drive
  • Symbolic Links – creates symbolic links to the original files. Can be useful when backing up to tape.
  • metadata info
  • approximate copy time
  • Canon MXF incl. spanned clips
  • Sound when copy is done
  • support for macOS Catalina, Big Sur and M-processors
  • support for Windows

not supported

  • multicam clips

how to use

Read the User Guide ´for more information on how to use Resolve Collect.


Download the demo-version.

includes script version 1.0.1

includes script version 1.0.1

The Resolve Collect Export Project script can be updated individual from the Resolve Collect Application. Here you find the latest version of the script.

Release history

To install it do the following:

In Finder, press Shift+Command+G to open “Go to Folder” and paste the path to open it.
/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Fusion/Scripts/Utility

In File Explorer, paste the path in the address bar to open it.
%ProgramData%\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Fusion\Scripts\Utility

Here you will find a Resolve Collect folder. Replace the Export Project.lua with the new version.

Or if you have drp files from older DaVinci Resolve versions (V9, V10, V11, V12, V12.5, V14) please use version 3.9 for Mac.

The demo-version will process the whole Media-Pool, but you can not copy it. It will let you copy the first 5 sources in each Timeline. 


To buy and register the demo-version, and get the full functionality, please visit FastSpring and buy it for USD 55.

For Mac or Windows

If you have a V3 key, please send me an e-mail with the details and get a voucher for a USD 20 discount.

For an educational or site-license please contact me at

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