Resolve Collect – User Guide


Resolve Collect copies source files used in a DaVinci Resolve project (Media Pool or Timeline) to a single destination using a DaVinci Resolve Project (.drp) file.

When you work with large DaVinci Resolve projects with sources on a lot of different drives you might want to collect them to one destination. Resolve Collect will copy just the files you need, either before you start grading to get them on a fast RAID or after you are done to Backup the project.

Installing & Updates

Bought via MyCommerce

Download the demo version and unzip it. Put it in your Applications folder and start the software.


Go to the Resolve Collect -> Register menu and enter the Username and Key you received in the e-mail from MyCommerce.

When there is new version you need to download the demo version from the website and it will automatically recognise that you already registered it.


Resolve Collect should run on the same machine as DaVinci Resolve, to be sure that the file pathes are the same.

You need to export a DRP file from DaVinci Resolve. Select File-> Export Project.


Basic use

Start by selecting the destination where you want your files to be copied

Load the DRP file which you exported from DaVinci Resolve

Resolve Collect will scan through the DRP and find the Media Pool and Timelines. It will check if it can find the source files and tell you in the Status column.

Select the Media Pool or one of the timelines and select copy. Now the files will get copied

Ignore files already in Destination directory

You should use this function in case you have a source directory which you use as a “Master” directory for Resolve and you also have some files in other directories or drives which you want to collect to the “Master” directory.

Resolve Collect will only show files not in the “Master” directory

The collected files will be put in a directory called “CollectedFiles” within the Destination.

Show in Finder

You can show the files in the list in Finder by right clicking the row. You can also select multiple sources and all will be shown in Finder.

Map PC drive

Since Resolve Collect 3.4 there is a function to load DRP files from DaVinci Resolve on a PC. It allows you to map the drive letters (X:) to a drive connected to your MAC. This way you can collect Resolve Projects created on PC.

When Resolve Collect detects that the DRP is from a PC project it will show the “Map PC drives” button. When you press it you will see 2 drop-boxes. One with the PC drive letters and one with the connected drives. The drive has to be connected before pressing the “Map PC drives” button in order to be listed here.

After mapping all the PC drives you can use Resolve Collect as usual.



– include Audio in Media Pool
lets you select if you want to include Audio-only files in the Media Pool

– copy to separate directories
copies the files to a Video, Audio, Matte and Offline directory instead of everything in the same root

– check if files exist at destination
this looks at the destination and if the file exists it will set the status to “Already Copied” and the amount to copy will tell the real amount it needs to copy.

– check for update at startup
when a new version of Resolve Collect is available you will get an allert at startup. This feature only works if you bought Resolve Collect via MyCommerce. You can download the new version directly from the website.

– include Offline
includes the Offline (Reference) video clip

– include Audio
includes the Chase Audio Clip

– use handles for file-sequences
lets you add handles (if there are any, or as many frames it can find) to file sequences in the timeline.

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