MultiCopy – User Guide


MultiCopy is a copy tool with 4 drop zones which can be configured with 2 destinations each. You can select MD5 checksum for secure copies for each individual drop zone.

MultiCopy also recognizes many Video, Camera and Audio card formats and automatically makes a backup as soon as they are inserted. The drop zones can also move the files and one drop zone can be connected to the Dock icon.

Installing & Updates

Download the demo version and unzip it. Put it in your Applications folder and start the MultiCopy.


Go to the MultiCopy -> Register menu and enter the Username and Key you received in the e-mail from MyCommerce.

When there is new version you need to download the demo version from the website and it will automatically recognise that you already registered it.

4 Drop-zones


There are 4 drop-zones available which can be configured with 2 destinations each in Preferences (see below)


Drag a file / folder or multiple files / folders to the drop-zone with the required destination. When you are above the drop-zone the zone will change to “Copy”.


Or you can drop the files on the MultiCopy Dock icon and they will be copied to the destination you selected as the Dock destination in the Preferences.


If you press Option (Alt) while dragging the files the drop zone will say “move” and the files will be moved. This does not work when dropping on the Dock icon.


Both Copy and Move will overwrite existing files without asking.
Empty directories will not be copied or moved.



The Preferences panel is divided in 2 tabs, Destinations and Settings.


Each Drop-Zone can be configured with:

Name – a name that makes sense to you
Destination 1 and 2 – Browse to the destination you want to use or write the correct path in the text field. Enable or disable  the destination with the check button. If both are disabled then the drop-zone is turned off.
MD5 check – If this is turned on MultiCopy will calculate the checksum for the source file and after the copy for the destination file. If both are the same then the copy correct, if not you will be notified. This option slows down the copy quite a bit, but it ensures secure copies.
Dock – This selects which destination should be used when you drop a file on the MultiCopy Dock icon. Only one drop-zone can be the default Dock destination.
Auto copy – MultiCopy can auto-detect media inserted into the computer. Select any media-type supported which you want to automatically offload to a destination as soon as it’s inserted in the reader. If you select “All”, any media type recognized will be copied to the drop-zone’s destination(s). “Others” will allow you to add drives that are not a “Media-type”, like an BMCC SSD-drive. This is configured in the Settings tab.


You get a confirmation about which Card Type is selected on the Main Screen, next to the Drop Zone.




Enable Notifications – When a drop is done copying / moving you will get a Notification from the Notification Center.
Enable Sound – This lets you select if you want to hear a sound or not when you get the Notification.
Enable MD5 reports – MultiCopy writes a report in each destination called “MD5-log.txt” if MD5 check is enabled.

Confirm before copying – This will show an Alert with a choice to copy  or not when MultiCopy has detected media and a drop-zone is configured for Auto copy.
Create new directory each day in format – This will create a directory each new day. This way it’s easy to know on what day the Auto copy copied the files.

Check for update at startup – When MultiCopy is started it will check if a newer version is available and show an Alert if there is.


Use Card Name instead of CARD_XX – The name of the ARRI SxS card will be used as the destination directory instead of CARD_XX. If the “CardName” directory already exists, then the directory will be called “CardName_01” etc.

Memory Card

Only copy content in DCIM – When a Memory Card is recognized only the DCIM directory will be copied.



This is where you can configure which drives, which are not recognized as a “Media-type”, you want to add as Others. The drive name will trigger the Auto Copy, so you may not rename the drive-name if you want it to get recognized.  To add a drive you need to insert it first so MultiCopy recognizes it and the name can be added to the “Added Drives” list.

Available Drives – This will show the drives inserted. If you don’t see it use the “reload” button to reload the list.
Added Drives – This shows the drive names that where added.
“<-” button – Adds the selected drive to Added Drives
“-” button – Removes the selected drive name from the Added Drives