DejaEdit – a new way of editing together!

DejaEdit – a new way of editing together!

Today financing for features and TV-series creates workflow problems. Money from different countries also means work has to be shared between these countries. For example Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE was working with such a project. More about that below.

Many productions struggle with the fact that they shoot in one place and edit in another. 10.000’s of files need to be sent to the editors, many times this is done by ftp, Dropbox or other file transfer services.

And then there is DejaEdit

DejaEdit is developed by the Swedish company Dejasoft ( and it takes care of this struggle. It’s created for an Avid Media Composer workflow and allows editors anywhere in the world to cooperate on the same project.

It all starts at the DIT

The DIT has a DejaEdit license which sends the transcoded editing files to the DejaEdit Cloud. The DIT also imports the AAF and ALE files into an Avid Bin, which then also will be sent to the DejaEdit Cloud. This means that both media and metadata are available for the editors.

The editors all have a DejaEdit license which downloads the editing files to a local hard drive. This means that the internet speed is not crucial, since they can always work on the material already downloaded. The bin from the DIT shows up directly within Avid Media Composer.

Media imported by the editor is also automatically sent to the DejaEdit Cloud so the other editors get it too. And by putting a bin in the DejaEdit Outbox it’s automatically shared to all other editors, all without leaving Media Composer.

Back to Yorgos

Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE is an editor based in Athens, Greece. He was asked to work on a Danish film, Suicide Tourist (Snowglobe film), which was in both English and Danish, the later not understood by Yorgos. The post supervisor Clas Hakeröd understood that DejaEdit was a perfect solution for the project.

The film was shot in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The DIT used DejaEdit with a 4G modem to send all the editing files and metadata to the DejaEdit Cloud. Both Yorgos (in Athens) and an assistant (in Denmark) daily received the material. If the scenes where in Danish, then the assistant put locators with translation on the source shots and put them in his Outbox folder in Media Composer. A few minutes later they showed up in Yorgos Inbox folder and he could keep on editing.


Yorgos was nominated for an Oscars award for “The Favourite” and had to go to LA. He brought his drive and laptop on the trip and when connected to the internet in LA he got the new material that was shot. This was toward the end of the project, so he had to get a lot of client approval. He had an other assistant in Sweden, handling all the exports to the client. The only thing Yorgos needed to do was to put his timeline in a bin and put it in his Outbox folder. A few minutes later the Swedish assistant could start exporting.

During the whole project there was nobody complaining about offline files since DejaEdit took care of all file transfers without any human interaction.

More about DejaEdit

DejaEdit supports up to 20 editors, 4 assistans, 3 VFX companies and one Avid Nexis connected to the same project.

You can find more info about DejaEdit on the DejaSoft homepage.