MultiCopy is a copy tool with 4 drop zones which can be configured with 2 destinations each. You can select MD5 checksum for save copies for each individual drop zone.

MultiCopy also recognizes many Video, Camera and Audio card formats and automatically makes a backup as soon as they are inserted. The drop zones can also move the files and one drop zone can be connected to the Dock icon.

version 1.0



  • 4 individual drop zones
  • 2 destinations for each drop zone, which gives a total of 8 destinations
  • MD5 secure copy
  • AutoCopy, one card format for each Drop Zone
  • Notifications when copy completed
  • move files, <Option>-drop

AutoCopy supported card formats

  • ARRI Codex
  • ARRI SxS
  • Memory Card (DCIM)
  • P2
  • RED
  • Sony SxS
  • Sound Devices (Audio)
  • ZOOM (Audio)
  • Others – add disk names you want to recognize

Read the User Guide for more information about the functions.


Download the demo-version.

[wpdm_file id=22]

MultiCopy requires OS X 10.8 or newer.

The demo-version will allow 3 drops and / or AutoCopies to test the functionality.

To buy (€20) and register the demo-version, and get the full functionality, please visit MyCommerce.

For an educational or site-license please contact me on