Creating an EDL from an XML

A few weeks ago I was on Bali for the ICA Colorist Summit. We where looking at different ways to get footage into DaVinci Resolve, one of them being “Pre-conformed EDL”. Which is a way to split a “baked” clip into separate clips in the timeline.

But what if you only got an XML and no EDL?

Warren Eagles who was teaching the class asked me how hard it would be to convert an XML into an EDL…. and well since I like challenges I started looking into it. And now I have created XML2EDL v1.0 which can be downloaded here.

“Pre-conformed EDL” is not the only place where this can be handy. I use EDL quite often to import just the files used in my timeline into the Media Pool. This is another feature in Resolve that can’t be used with XML.

If you want to learn more about EDL’s, please read How to read an EDL