12 wishes for DaVinci Resolve 12

12 wishes for DaVinci Resolve 12

NAB is a few month away and if Blackmagic Design keeps the same schedule as the previous 2 years we might get a glimpse of DaVinci Resolve 12.

I am happy with the tools and workflow in DaVinci Resolve 11, but there are still things that can be improved.

Here are my 12 wishes for Resolve 12. (in the order of the Resolve Pages)


1 – Shortcuts


I would like to set a shortcut to a directory so I can jump to it without going through the whole tree structure. This Shortcut can either be Global (in all Projects) or Project specific. A lot less clicking!



2 – Offline split screen
I would love it to be able to get the split screen out on the SDI monitor. I find this especially useful when I need to do zoom / pan / tilt in the timeline while conforming. The problem today is that the Offline window disappears when I open the Effect Inspector.

3 – Text Layout and other Presets
I am happy that there is a Text Tool in EDIT, but what would be even better is if I could save my Layout and apply it in the next project. One thing I use the Text Tool for is to write information on the Leader before the film. I have to adjust the position and size each time I write this. I have written down the numbers on a piece of paper, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to save it instead?


4 – Standard Transitions
There is no way to save the “Alignment” or “Transition Style” for the Standard Transition. I like to have my dissolves start at the edit and not in the middle. Now I have to adjust them each time.

5 – Titles and Stills duration
You should be able to drag a still or a Title effect to the Source Viewer, set the duration and then drag to the timeline. Now it’s easy to overwrite things when you are zoomed in on the timeline.


6 – External Matte Groups
When working with a lot of External Mattes in a project you get a very long list.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.19.18
A way to shorten the list would be to add another Sub Menu for each Matte Group as long as the filename is the same.


7 – Diagonal Wipes and invert Wipe button

Sometimes I can find the horisontal and vertical wipes a bit limited, so I would like to see a Diagonal Wipe, or even better a Wipe where I can set the angle myself.

A invert Wipe button in the GUI would also be nice.

8 – Better Keyframe Editor

Today the keyframe editor feels a bit out of date. Not being able to set individual keyframes for Color and Blur (both in Collor Corrector) or Window position and softness can setting keyframes a bit confusing.

Another thing is that the Window Layer Name is not shown in the keyframe editor. If you have many masks on the same layer it’s quite difficult to know which Circ Win to choose , was it “Circ Win 8” or “Circ Win 9”.

9 – Keyboard Mapping support for panel Menus

I would love to have Keyboard shortcuts on the Panel Menus

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.56.56

Being able to jump directly to “Hue Vs Sat” or copy the Tracker would be very nice


10 – AAF for MXF exported files

Today when exporting an MXF file there is no attached AAF. This makes it hard for AVID editors to import the file, so an AAF option when exporting MXF would be nice.


11 – A cheaper version of the full panel

When I look at the prices for the hardware Blackmagic Design is selling they are often very cheap. There is one exception, which is the Resolve Panel. So my hopes are that a new panel will arrive with a cheaper price tag.


12A software API for developers to create I/O plugins

Since I am a developer myself I would love to get an API to connect to the functions inside Resolve. I know also that other developrs would like this to create alternative DCP exporters or to implement the MOX file format.