Animate Stills in DaVinci Resolve

Animate Stills in DaVinci Resolve

When working with stills in DaVinci Resolve some things are not as working with video-clips.

Say you have a still of a map and you want to do a zoom in on a particular part of it. You add the map to the timeline and you try to animate it using “Input Sizing”. You set a keyframe at the start and then move to forward to set another keyframe, but no luck.


Keyframes in the COLOR timeline are set by source timecode and since a still frame only has one timecode there is no way to animate it. But there are some solutions.

Animate in the EDIT timeline

If you only want to animate size and position then you can use the Transform settings in the EDIT timeline.

Select the clip in the timeline you want to animate and click the Tools button (next to the red arrow).
Click the diamond to the right of “Transform” so it turns orange and set the size and position of your still.
Then move forward in time and change the size and position, Resolve will automatically set the new keyframes.

Now the still is animated, also when you play it in the COLOR timeline. This works fine as long as you don’t want to animate the color as well.

Compound Clip

If you want to animate the color of a still then you need to use a Compound Clip.

A Compound Clip can contain one or several clips and group them together so Resolve sees them as one clip. You can also use a Compound Clip in the case you want to animate a still image.


Add the still to the timeline and adjust the duration.
Right click on it and select “New Compound Clip” and give it a name.


As you can see the Compound clip has the same resolution as the timeline. So if you have a larger still image that you want to zoom into then animate the zoom (as we did above) before you make a Compound Clip of it. If you zoom the Compounded Clip you will loose image quality.

The second clip in the timeline was used to create a Compound Clip. It was automatically replaced with the Compound Clip and as you can see there is no Speed Change applied to it.

Now you can go to the COLOR timeline and animate the color, a window or anything else you can animate in a normal video clip.