Pimp your Precision panel

Pimp your Precision panel


The Image Systems Precision panel is a great panel, but nothing is better then a panel that you can improve yourself and this is easily done. In this tutorial I will go through two steps to improve the usability. The first step is simpler and uses the Preferences Assistant and the second step is by changing in the config files. I will also have a look at how to “improve” the look of the Touch screens.

PLEASE DON’T USE THE SECOND STEP if you are not confident in changing stuff in config files. If you change something the wrong way you might get problems when you run the software. I DON’T take any responsibility if something goes wrong, it’s on YOUR OWN RISK.

Using the Preferences Assistant

Start the Preferences assistant and go to the Precision tab
Here you find two columns where you can change in what order you want the tools to come in your CC Layer screen (screen 2) and Master Layer screen (screen 4). Write down the tools you want on each screen before you change them, otherwise you may forget to assign them to a button. I found that I use some of the tool more often then others and by putting all of these on the first screen I don’t have to switch screens so often.

Preferences Assistant-precision

In the default CC Layer screen will show the top 6 entries…


… and the default Master layer the bottom 3 entries.


Once you have changed the entries you can go to the Users tab. Write your name in the “Save current prefs as” text field and press “Save”. By selecting a name from the list and choosing “Install” you can load the different setups. So if several colorists work on the same panel you can each create your own setup.

Preferences Assistant-Users

Using the preferences files

Please be careful, don’t use this part if you don’t feel confident to change things in files. This part is on your own risk, I don’t take any responsibility if something goes wrong and you can’t get your panel running properly afterwards.

In C:\Nucoda\2011_2\root\Panel\Precision\Script you will find a number of txt files which can be opened in any text editor like Notepad. In this tutorial I will have a look at one particular file, “keymap.txt”. Before opening the file, please CREATE A BACKUP of this file, just in case the original file gets messed up.

The file is divided into 3 sections, Transport, Colour and Touch as well as some Macros.

The Macros can be used to let one button do more then just one function and they can be called from within the 3 sections.

For example here you see two Macros that first engages the Tracker and then Deactivates the Tracker group.


As you can see below, if for example KEY58 is pressed a macro is engaged.


Each key can have several states

  • Key – the key is pressed
  • Shift+Key – shift and the key is pressed
  • Ctrl+Key – control and the key is pressed
  • Key-x – the key is pressed and held for longer that 0.5 seconds (you hear a beep)
  • Delete+Key – delete and then the key is pressed
  • Cue+Key – cue and then the key is pressed
  • Down – this is for certain keys that can be pressed and then let go, like the Tracker
  • KEY###+Down – a combination of 2 keys, the first one is the name of the first key.
  • Repeat – if you hold a joystick into one direction.

This means that if you find a function that is missing on a certain button you can add it. It need to be on another button though since there is no list available of all the functions that can be reached within the Nucoda software.

I added a function to turn of the outline of a shape by adding the Key-x entry in the KEY17 “Shape” section.


Have a go and change the panel the way you want it to be.

“Improving” the look

In C:\Nucoda\2011_2\root\Panel\Precision\Icons you’ll find some PNG files. These are the files that are used to create the GUI on the panel’s touch screens. Again, CREATE A BACKUP of the Icons folder before you start messing around with files.
Using Photoshop I added the Colorgrader.net logo to the large startup screen.


The file to change is “Precision_Touchscreen_Precision.png”. You could do the same and add your facility’s name. If you have too much time you can create new images for every button available. Have fun!

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