Month: May 2013

Balance using Parade and Vectorscope

This tutorial is about using your Vectorscope and Waveform monitor to balance a shot with a cast, like this image which comes from a Viper camera. In order to see each color channel (R, G and B) set your waveform

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Why chroma sub-sampling is important

Most people know that 4:4:4 is better then 4:2:0, but what is the difference? Have a look at the following image which is a part of Kodaks Marcie LAD. The image color sampling is  below is 4:4:4 When comparing it

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Understanding YUV values

YUV is one of those colorspaces that it not very easy to understand. RGB is easy to understand as well as HSL when you play around with it for a while, but YUV isn’t. I will try to explain how

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